Katy Faery – You Came All Over My Gloves.. Again! 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 12:58
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: HANDJOBS

(This is one fan’s fetish fantasy made a reality by Princess Katy. So satisfy your deepest desires and commission your own customized forbidden fetish film by emailing me directly at: Katy Faery @ gmail.com *no spaces*) Hot brunette, Katy Faery, sits on her bed in a sexy brown outfit with brown gloves. Katy shows off her sexy brown gloves, and talks about how warm and soft they are. You lay down, and Katy rubs her hands in her sexy brown gloves on your hard cock. “Don’t you love how soft they are, and warm?” Katy plays with your pre-cum with her fingers, getting it all over the tips of her brown gloves. Katy turns around, and shows off her sexy ass as she rubs your cock with her gloved hands. Your pre-cum gets all over Katy’s ass as she strokes your cock on her ass with her gloves. Katy turns back around, and strokes your cock more. Katy moans as she strokes your cock, and you explode all over her gloves. Katy shows off the cum on her gloves…and asks what gloves you want to see next.
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