Katy Faery – Impromptu Road Head Ends In Blue Balls

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Duration: 7:37s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: BLOW JOBS

Katy Faery looks around, anxiously… “Yeah, I think this looks like a good spot.” You couldn’t wait until you got home… You needed road head from Katy, right now. “I couldn’t believe that you can’t wait… we aren’t even that far away!” Katy gets down in her sexy outfit, “You’re so naughty!” Katy unbuttons your pants, and gets comfortable and starts to suck your hard cock. She gently licks all over the head of your cock, “Make sure that no-one is coming…I don’t want anyone to just walk up on us!” Katy licks all over your cock, she loves how thrilling road head can be. Katy rubs her face all over your cock, deep throating every inch…and kissing up and down your shaft. “I love sucking your cock!” You touch Katy’s ass as she sucks your cock. You make sure that no-one is looking as you and Katy are parked off to the side and she sucks your cock in the car. Katy licks and sucks your cock, brining you right to the point of wanting to cum..and she stops. “You know, I just don’t think its very fair that you get to cum, and I don’t get to cum.” Katy slaps your cock, and tells you that you’ll have to wait until you get home.

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