Katy Faery – Dont Be Gay Bro Part 3

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Duration: 12:5s
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Your Sister, Katy Faery, is on the couch chatting on the phone with her best friend. She asks her friend what the “New News” is that she has on you, “Yeah, and you remember I told you I sucked his dick, right? There’s no way I’m going to let him be gay.” Katy’s friend tells her that she found out you were going to fuck a guy after prom. Your sister is shocked, since she thought you stopped talking to this guy. “I was hoping it wasn’t going to come down to this- But I’m going to have to fuck him.” Katy tells her friend that she has to let you feel what a real woman feels like, and there’s no way she’s going to let you be gay. “Everyone would make fun of him… It would be the worst life decision, ever.” Katy tells her friend that she’s going to go fuck you, and make you straight.. Your Sister stops you in your room, while she’s sitting on the bed in a tiny lingerie outfit. She calls you out for planning to fuck this guy at prom. “What’s wrong with you dude? I thought we talked about this.” Your sister tells you that she doesn’t know what to do with you anymore..She let you watch her touch herself, and get naked… She told you how to please yourself, she blew you better than anyone else, “You got the best head I’ve given..ever! And you’re still going to fuck this dude after prom..” Katy tells you that today you’re going to feel what real pussy feels like. She spreads open your legs, and you stick your fingers inside. “See? Isn’t it so wet and tight?” Your sister tells you to shove your cock inside of her. Katy grabs your cock, and gently rubs it over her clit. “You see that, Bro? That’s a clit. If you rub a girl’s clit..it feels so good.” Katy grabs your cock, and shoves it in her pussy. She bounces up and down on your cock, “Yes! That’s how a pussy feels…Doesn’t it feel so good?” Katy grinds her hips in circles on your cock. “You want to fuck tight pussies all day.. You don’t want to be gay.” Your sister rubs her clit as she rides your cock. Katy climbs on top of you backwards, and slaps her ass as she rides you. “You see this ass, Bro? A girl’s ass is the only thing you should be staring at when you’re fucking somebody.” Katy bounces her beautiful ass up and down on your hard cock. “Bro, you’re going to make me cum!” Your sister cums all over your cock as she rides you from behind. Katy lays down, and sucks your cock while you finger her. “Bro, get on top so we can finish.” You climb on top of your sister, and fuck her tight little pussy. You fuck Katy on top until you pull out and cum all over her perfect pussy. “Cum all over my pussy, bro!” Your cum covers your sister’s pussy. “You don’t have to be gay! You see how amazing that felt? Don’t ever think about a dude again.” Katy tells you that she’s sure your pastor and friends would all agree that it’s better to fuck your Sister than be gay. “So, whenever you’re horny…Just let me know, and we can take care of each other. That’s what siblings are for, right?”

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