Kaidence King – Mouthsoaping Instructions and JOI

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Duration: 11:37s
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I walk into the room wearing tight dark blue jeans, a black v-neck top and heels. I tell you that i’m really glad you’re here, because as you know, I love washing my slaves’ mouths out with soap, and I woke up this morning in the mood for a good mouthsoaping. So I went and bought this brand new bar of dove. I open it up and sniff it. God, that smell makes me feel so sexy, so powerful. I wet it and start lathering it between my hands, getting my hands covered in suds. I tell you exactly how i’m going to wash your mouth out, how much i’m going to enjoy working these suds all around your mouth. I’m going to keep going until you’re my personal bubble machine, blowing bubbles for me to play with and pop. I sensually start sliding the bar of soap towards the camera, telling you that this is how i’m going to fuck your mouth with the soap. Eventually after lots of playing with soap and telling you what i’m going to do to you, I tell you that i’ve had enough sudsy fun for today, but I don’t think you have. Why don’t you use those suds falling out of your mouth to masturbate with? Let them fall on to your cock and start stroking it for me. I fuck your mouth with the bar of soap again while you jerk off your soapy lathered up cock. I reach down with my sud covered hand and tell you i’m going to help a bit. I tell you to maintain control until I allow you to cum. I talk dirty about the feel of my sudsy hand on your throbbing dick and the taste of soap in your mouth until I can feel that you’re ready to blow. Look into my eyes and maintain eye contact. Good. Ready? 3…2…1…cum for me. Make that soapy, sudsy cock cum. Well done, I bet it felt amazing cumming all over my soapy hand. Thanks for being my volunteer today, slave. See you next time!

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