Jizzy Jobs – Sisters Party Favor Feat Taurus

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Duration: 18:28
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You and your sister Taurus have an interesting relationship. She can’t really stand you but you keep finding ways for her to suck your cock by finding incriminating material on her. Today, she actually needs something from you. She has plans to throw a party in the house when the parentals are out of town and she wants you to keep quiet about it. Of course, you’re not just gonna say yes. As a true opportunist, you sense you can get a lot out of this. In exchange for her doing some of the kinky stuff she does with her boyfriend, you’ll stay quiet about the party and you even offer to help clean up after. Isn’t that what brothers and sisters are supposed to do for each other? Have each other’s backs, and cum in each other’s mouths? After you drop another big load into your sister’s mouth, you can’t wait for the next opportunity to get kinky with her.

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