Jizzy Jobs – Cheerleader Chastity Release

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Duration: 15:32
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Cheerleader Sydney is going to a major competition today. If she’s going to lead her squad to victory, she needs to make sure her feet are in the best possible shape. So she has allowed you, her chastity sub, to massage her feet for a little while. After her foot rub, it’s time to talk some chastity business. She got your $10K payment allowing you to get a little relief from your chastity situation. You get excited as Sydney slowly removes all the chastity devices. Very excited. As you watch Sydney add some spit on top of your cock, you know this will be an explosive session. As she goes from one hand to the other, sometimes both, you know you are powerless and she is in complete control of your orgasm today. Much to your surprise she even gives you a glimpse of her amazing breasts. This can only have one possible outcome.

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