Jizzy Jobs – Asian Taboo Week Pt 5 Nikko Jordan

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Duration: 07:28
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: BLOW JOBS

This is a continuation of “Asian Taboo Week Part 1″,”Asian Taboo Week part 2”, “Asian Taboo Week part 3” and “Asian Taboo Week part 4”. You wake up horny. Normally you would just jerk off and go back to bed. But since your sister Nikko owes you big time, you just go down to her room. She’s dreaming like a baby. It wouldn’t hurt to feel her up a little bit first. She has the best boobs. And if you two weren’t related, you would love to fuck her non stop. When your finger slides by her pussy, she wakes up startled and confused. She asks what you’re doing and you explain that she should probably take care of your boner so you can go back to bed. So she does. With her amazing skills, it doesn’t take long until you cum in her mouth. Not wanting to make a mess, she swallows it all and the two of you can go back to bed. This is so much better than doing it yourself!!! Also check out our other videos with Nikko Jordan.

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