JiggleYourPuffs – Angelic JOI Countdown Edging 1080p

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Duration: 14:01
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You appear in front of the angel of Christmas, an I instruct you to sit, telling you that you’ve been a naughty boy and sent to me to straighten you out. You just need to do exactly as I tell you. I start with a nice relaxing JOI, then decide I want to play a game and test how good you are at edging. I count down from 10, and when I get to 1 you have to be right on the edge but no cumming till I say so! We do this a few times until I can tell you’re not able to hold off anymore. I tell you not to touch your cock at all while I talk dirty, about sucking your cock and fucking you, and can see how desperate you are to jerk it. Then I give you your final coundown, but this time on 1, you have to cum for me. Can you last till the end?

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