Jessie Minxxx – Bigger Is Better Custom 1080p

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Duration: 11:28
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You love wearing bras and bikini tops that slam your tits together and show off a lot of cleavage, like you’re begging to have my face [the camera] crushed between them right now. You love wearing cute thongs/panties/shorts that ride up really high on your ass, slamming your cheeks together like they’re ready to eat anything that gets too close. But most of all, you love squeezing, spanking, grabbing, shaking, twerking, and crushing things between your tits and asscheeks. Because every time you do any of those things, your tits and ass grow bigger. And bigger. And for a sassy Domme with a god complex and a pushy bullying streak, bigger is better. You’re not sure whether to crush my cock [small dildo/magic marker] with your tits and ass right now, or tease me and grow bigger until you explode out of the house. You decide to do both. Definitely get some extreme close-up shots and low-angle shots of your boobcleavage and buttcleavage just slowly filling up the screen as you play with your body. You take turns shaking your tits/ass, squeezing/flexing them together even harder, shaking/twerking them, and crushing everything from dildos to small figurines to the camera between your boobs and asscheeks until it disappears, buried under all your growing curves. And then you spurt a little bigger, you moan with a sinister ecstasy, your tits/ass block a little more of your face from the camera’s view, they plump and swell up and fill the screen a little more, the fabric of your tops and bottoms pulls a little tighter, your cleavage gets a little deeper, and then you move on to the next thing that’ll make you grow bigger. Your outfit gets stretched to the breaking point, but it stays on the whole time you’re growing. That’s okay, you like the way it makes your tits and ass cheeks slam together and bulge out of your clothes. The pressure is intense, and you love making my cock and face get buried and crushed in jiggling, growing cleavage. You act very innocent and coy and girly about the whole thing, but you can’t hide the sick thrill you get from the biggest, softest, heaviest parts of your body completely swallowing up my pathetic little cock. I can see the excitement all over your face. Or at least what little I can still see of your face. You keep getting fatter, and wider, and taller, and heavier… You definitely want the camera to show off the size, the weight and the pressure of your boobs, asscheeks, and outfit fabrics just pushing so hard against their own heft. You want it to be clear just how heavy and soft and immense they’re going to feel with my cock trapped in between them. Or my head or body. You’ve grown so big from jiggling and fondling and crushing things, that the camera doesn’t see anything anymore but your tits/ass and face. And after a bit more growing, just your tits/ass.

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