Jessie Minxxx – 30 Minute Dance Custom 1080p

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Duration: 29:58
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Please be completely naked for this whole video and have your lady bits completely shaved. If it’s okay. If you have glasses you can feel free to wear those as opposed to contacts. Dancing for the first 27 minutes. For this part, please set the camera at about hip height and stand far enough back to have your entire figure in the camera frame. If that’s not possible, it’s okay if you can’t show your feet. But please do try to have it show from slightly above your head to well below your knees. – No need for any specific type of dancing, just dance like you are in a club and having fun 2) Twerking for about 2 minutes. – Please be in doggie position either on hands and knees or elbows and knees. – Please have your booty pointed directly at the camera. – Please still be far enough away from camera that your whole figure is visible. But, close enough that your figure fills the whole camera frame. 3) Laying back and showing off lady bits for last minute. – Please use the same camera position as twerking. – Please don’t touch your lady bits, just spread your legs (and/or booty cheeks) and show them off. – Feel free to roll on you side too and spread your legs to show off your bits like that too, if you want.

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