Jessie Lee Pierce – The Homewrecker – Virtual Sex

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Duration: 23:50
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THE HOME WRECKER We are work colleagues, we get along great and often flirt and you love to stare a me in the short shirts and low cut tops I wear around the office. You’ve come over to my house after work to help me change a light globe I couldn’t reach in my bedroom. The light gets changed and the home wrecker starts working her magic. I tell you that I’ve always thought you were a really nice guy, and that I really enjoy working with you, I know you’re not single, but if you were I’d be hitting on you right now. A bit more banter is exchanged before I tell you that I do see you staring at my tits at work, I don’t blame you with the super slutty outfits I wear. Since we’re alone, you can touch them if you like, I won’t tell anyone. You resist, but I pursue, this could be the only chance you get so you squeeze my massive tits. Then I tell you what I fantasize about, I always fantasize about being on my knees, sucking your cock, while I look up at you, and you’re playing with my massive tits. Slowly getting closer to my goal, I tell you I want to show you my massive tits, it’s only looking, it’s really not that bad. I’ll show you my boobs, on one condition, if you get hard, I get to fuck you, and I don’t care if you’re in a relationship or not…. do we have a deal? I tease you before taking off my bra, I tell you to imagine my massive tits wrapped around your hard cock, I squeeze them and push them up, then remove my bra and tell you to touch my tits. Now it’s time to see if you’re hard, I feel down and grab your first cock, I’ve won and I’m having sex with you tonight. First I fulfil my fantasy of looking up at you while I suck you, and give you a nice, slow deep and sensual headjob, while dirty talking to you. After a long blow job, I’m wet and ready to feel you inside me, and I lay back and let you pound my pussy, while I rub my clit and tell you to fuck my slutty pussy till I cum on you hard. Now I jump on top of you so I can ride you hard, while dirty talking to you the whole time, big tits bouncing. I’m going to cum again, and I’m riding you so hard, I tell you I want your cum inside me, you hesitate at first, but you can’t help it can you, you’re going to blow that massive load deep inside my tight pussy.I know you want to give me that massive load and my pussy wants your cum so bad. Give me what I want and blow deep inside my slutty pussy and give it what it wants, so I can feel your hot man juice deep inside me all night.

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