Jecca Jacobs – Little Sister Begs You To Cum In Her

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Duration: 19:33s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: ROLE PLAY

You catch your little sister masturbating with a pair of YOUR DADS BOXERS! She’s moaning and whimpering for daddy, boxers buried in her nose, and you cant help but get hard. She notices you standing there and your hard cock, and asks if you’d like to watch her finish. As she playing with herself she confesses to using dads boxers to cum and that dad as been fucking her for awhile now. In fact, he’s been trying to impregnate her, and breed her yearly. Telling you its not just daddy that wants her pregnant, she says she cant wait for breeding! As shes giving you a handjob she mentions that it doesnt have to be daddy, it could be you, she just wants to get pregnant! Soon shes on your cock begging for your impregnating load, making you promise to visit her room every night until you finally breed her, all while your cock is getting its juice squeezed out by her tight little sister pussy. (EXTREME DIRTY TALK!)

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