Japan Boyz – Tea, Smokes and Yukiya

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Duration: 23:30s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: GAYS, TezFiles - ASIAN

This is the accidental hookup of two rhyming studs, Rikiya and new model Yukiya. In a secluded teahouse, they share an evening of tea and smokes, then decide to take their friendship to the next hot stage. We’ll skip the tea and small talk and start when they are posing and flexing like macho boys. Next thing you know they are nibbling at each other’s crotches and getting seriously horned up. Rikiya slides his muscular body against Yukiya’s and chews on his buddy’s sensitive nipples, then travels down toward his swelling cock. Yukiya groans with satisfaction and that’s all the encouragement Riki needs. Rikiya gets an oral lube job of his big thick tool, then returns the favor by rimming and fingering Yuki. As his solid buddy opens up, Riki slides in in raw and rough, as macho guys do. Yukiya takes it like a man. He wraps his ankles around Riki’s muscular hips and pulls him closer. Their close-knit screw speeds up and heats up. Yuki settles to knees and elbows for Rikiya to plow in from behind. It’s getting too good to hold back. Grabbing Yukiya by the chest, Riki pins his legs back and goes for the big juicy finish, splashing his sperm across Yuki. Yuki gives a guttural moan as a stream of hot male cum drips down his twitching ass.

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