Janira Wolfe – Your Wife’s Best Friend’s Fit Body 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 17:01
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Your wife’s life-long best friend is at your house to help take care of your wife after her second boob job…that you paid for…today. She’s just finished tucking your wife into bed, and is about to leave when she decides there’s something she needs to say… Janira and your wife are together a lot, despite being completely different people. BFFs can be like that. But the thing is, you don’t give a fuck about all the countless surgeries your wife is getting with your money to change her body. You just pay for it because she likes it. And that’s another thing. Your wife’s always been a bit selfish. And Janira has grown to care for you over the years, so she felt it necessary to point out that maybe you belong with someone who’s a bit better match for you… She’s noticed how after every surgery your wife gets the desire in your eyes when you look into Janira’s gets stronger. It’s time you do something about it. Leave your wife for her best friend, with the hard, fit, superior body, made that way from hard work… something you too enjoy. Think about how it would be to be married to a fellow fitness junkie… You know it’s what you want. And you will leave your wife. But she’s Asleep right now, and neither of you want to do anything immoral, so before you get to touch Janira Wolfe’s perfect body, after leaving your wife, she’ll simply let you jerk off to it. She encourages you to stroke while flexing her sexy muscles, guiding you to an ecstatic ejaculation for your first of many orgasms caused by that perfect body.

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