Janira Wolfe – Local Women That Love To FUCK! 3840×2160 HD

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Duration: 15:07
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

You’re always getting these emails in your spam inbox with the subject, “Local Women That Love To FUCK!”. Of course, you usually ignore them, but today you’re feeling especially lonely, so you call the number in the email, and within an hour someone shows up claiming to be the ‘body guard’ of one of the Women who love to fuck. The body guard puts a full mask with a thick blindfold over your face, puts your arms in a binder, bends you over the bench in your own bedroom, and tells you to wait for the Woman.
Finally, you hear the bedroom door open, and a Woman’s voice telling you you look ready for Her. She walks over to you and you feel a long, hard object on your back, which She places into your hand, telling you it’s Her cock that She’s going to fuck you with. This isn’t what you were expecting at all, but there’s no turning back now. your body tenses up in fear, as you have no idea what’s going to happen, and you can’t see anything… but the Woman’s soft voice relaxes you as She instructs you to breathe deeply in and out, and as She does so, skillfully eases Her enormous cock into your tight, virgin hole. The pain is intense, but bearable, as your full attention is on only the sounds of the Woman’s pleasure, and the sensations She chooses to give you… which you begin to realize is the greatest privilege you’ve ever been granted…

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