Janira Wolfe – Harder Faster Stronger

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Duration: 35:0s
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Hello Workout Wolfe Pack! Welcome to video number 7. This week, due to a knee injury I suffered while running in snow, I will not be joining you. Instead, your workout this week will be a fapping marathon. you will follow My instructions to squeeze hard, fap fast, or whatever I decide will best build your arm muscles. I do so love a man with strong arms. I know your dick gets so sensitive after you cum, which normally causes you to stop. But you will not be stopping after you cum the first time. Or the second, or third. you’re going to use My sexy body, and the thought of being My next gym partner, as motivation to follow My instructions to work those arms for Me through 4 pops. And then maybe you’ll enjoy the burn so much, you’ll buy more of My post-cum play clips and keep going 😉

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