Jamie Valentine – Terms and Conditions 1920×1080 HD

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Its time to sign your cock away. You’ve been devoted for long enough but your ready to take the last step. You want to be owned by Goddess. I will explain to you the dynamics of our relationship and how it will work. You are worthless and I only keep you around for spending ca$h and a few giggles. Your little cock is of no true value to me so Ill be keeping it locked up throughout the month. There will be one very special day for you though. On the first of every month it will be your obligation to send your monthly loser tax. MINIMUM $100 to be kept . Once your tax is paid your monthly draining will begin. Now lets get you on your knees ready to sign away your cock. You will cum this last time and then I will lock you in your dick cage for good. Should have read the terms and conditions.
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