Ivory Soles – Some Cucks Just

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You have been wanting to be cucked by your wife Ivory for a long time now.She has always thought it was weird and pathetic and never wanted to agree to it. Until one fateful work trip where she was stuck around REAL men and having a good time for once. She realized cheating on you would be pretty fun but decides to make your dreams of being a cuck come true and just do it in front of your face. you will never please her as a real man! You are too submissive and small dicked. Ivory wants a real man who can please her, not some subby little husband with a tiny dick. Of course, she wants to keep you around for husband duties such as providing for her and her new boyfriend. You will never have pussy again. The only way you will ever cum again is after SHE has an orgasm from a real man. Then and only then, you can lick up their mess, look at her slutty heels and feet, and jerk off at your place on the floor. Anytime you see her in her heels, she is embracing her cuckoldress and ready to use you like the cum dumpster you are.

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