Infinitywhore0 Brat Punished With 100 Spanks Amp Back to Back Orgasms

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I’ve been a needy little brat and I’ve been annoying DD while he’s trying to work, so he’s set me tasks as a punishment. I have to spank myself hard one hundred times and then make myself cum from ONLY my clit – and twice without stopping for a break in between. The spanking makes my arse red raw and I really struggle to keep it up towards the end… you can see the anguish on my face and my arse glows red with my handprint. I know that I need to complete the task for DD, so I struggle until I am allowed to play with my pussy. I’m already soaking wet from spanking myself and talking about DD, so I open my legs and begin to gently draw circles around my clit with one finger. It feels so good and you can see my little slit visibly leaking out wetness – but I’m not allowed to put my fingers inside myself (only on my clit!). Eventually – while praising and worshipping DD – I come to a shuddering, loud orgasm. It’s torment to keep going but I’m not allowed to stop! I tremble and cry out as I keep rubbing my clit. It’s so sensitive that it almost hurts to keep touching my swollen little clit. But I carry out my punishment until I finally manage to cum again. It’s so intense… it blew my mind!

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