Impregnate Me! A Stranger’s Ad to Get Pregnant, POV – Breeding – HD 1080p – Fifi Foxx Fantasies – Nikki Brooks

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“Thank you so much for meeting me on such short notice,” the blonde said cheerfully. She had just put out the ad the other day, and you were the first person to respond. “I know they say you really shouldn’t go with the first person, but I was really skeptical about my ad in the first place. I mean, putting out an ad, you know, to get pregnant…just to take anyone’s seed!”

Yeah, it was definitely a crazy idea. Some people may have thought it was a hoax, or even perhaps a practical joke, or that this woman was trying to lure them in, but sure enough, it was serious – she just wanted someone to impregnate her.

“I’m just really into the idea of having a complete stranger shove their cock so deep inside my cervix,” she said seductively, “and then planting their seed in me. Then thinking how big that belly’s going to get.”

But there was nothing to worry about. She reminded you that you held no responsibilities for getting her pregnant – in fact, you probably would never see her again. “And well, it might also not be yours,” she said bluntly. “I just put the ad out, so I’m hoping…you know, I have you today, I have this other guy tomorrow. It’s basically whose ever seed takes, and I won’t know, but it doesn’t matter.”

The blonde went on to tell you a little about herself, making sure to give you some naughty details about what she enjoyed doing. She wanted to take her time teasing you and turning you on, that way you’d fill her with a big load of cum. “I want a baby,” she smiled. “I want a nice, big belly. I want this flat tummy to grow and grow until a little bundle of joy is growing in there.”

“But what I love the most is the process…” she confessed. “The process of bringing you guys here, playing with you, getting you to pre-cum all over my sheets, then having you inside of me…pounding my cervix, shooting that seed inside of me, having your little offsprings being sprayed inside of me, dripping and oozing out onto my lacy panties.”

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