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The professor sits in his office in the holidays because he has to prepare the new lessons. I know that he works in the holidays and I am getting wet while thinking about the professor. So I want to visit him in the office. I want to test my new tittyfucking skills on him, but I cannot decide what top I will be wearing while tittyfucking him, I hope that he wants a nice tittyfuck ;). I choose 3 of my hottest tops/outfits and I go to the office. I wear my nerdy glasses, my red lipstick and I have a nerdy pigtail like a hard-working student. Some short skirt as well! I enter the office and explain to the professor that I want to train my tittyfucking skills in the holidays only for the professor, he is my lucky test subject. At first he is shy, but he almost loose his load while thinking about me tittyfucking him. But I can convince him and try the first outfit and I make him hot at first then I tittyfuck him. He is sitting in his chair, I am between his legs and I let the top on while tittyfucking him. I’m going to edge the h3ll out of him until the end. After some time I change to the second outfit and I tittyfuck him again. In between the changing I want to taste his cock. Then to the third outfit and in between the changing I suck him a little bit again too. On the third outfit, my eye contact and my dirty talk is so hot, that he shoots his load while I tittyfuck him with my top still on. The test and the training was successful. 🙂 Royalty Free Music ( Purple Planet Music – After The Fall )

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