Im Megan Live and Miss Mila Rose – THE PERFECT CHRISTMAS MORNING GIFT 1920×1080 HD

Duration: 13:30
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: HANDJOBS

On this Christmas morning, MissMilaRose and I wanted to surprise our male friend with a very special gift. On the previous week, we were at the store looking for the perfect gift for him…we struggled finding just the one…until our eyes stopped on this lube bottle that was misplaced lol! We looked at each other and that was it! We both knew exactly what would happen by getting it 🙂 So we woke up early that morning and baked him some cookies. We’ve put the cookies and the lube bottle in a basket covered by a blanket. We also covered ourselves to remove any suspicions because we were wearing something pretty sexy with the Christmas theme. So we gave him the basket and he really didn’t understand what the lube bottle was for, so I simply told him to get rid of his pants. And this is where it all began! We’ve removed our covers to reveal our hot bodies, he instantly got a hard on. I started to jerk him off while Mila was massaging his balls. We then removed our tops one after the other to show our tits and play with them…never stopping to stroke his hard cock and lots and lots of dirty talk throughout. Then, she stroke him and I played with his balls. We even removed our entire outfit to strip naked and showed him how wet it gets our pussies by playing with his cock! We then stroke him at 2 hands using one hand each for the grand finale and what a white Christmas it was! That was definitely the Perfect Gift!

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