HumiliationPOV – Princess Clarissa – Ahegao JOI Trance For Gooning Pervert

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Duration: 12:26s
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I know why you’re here loser. You’re here to jerkoff lol. You probably already are lol. But you need my help, don’t you? Well luckily for you I’m going to give you some hot jerk off instructions. I want you to start jerking, but very slowly. Good boy. Follow along with me. Oh look, you just started jerking faster, was it because I made the ahegao face while I jerked and mocked you? LOL! Of course it was, you love it when I make that face. You’re such a perv for girls who make the ahegao face, it makes your loser cock so horny, doesn’t it? Is it because you think it looks hot or because it’s a representation of you and how you look when you jerk off? LOL! Watch me do it some more as you jerk for me. Jerk for my ahegao face loser. Jerk as I mock you. Pump it faster. Pump to my sexy ahegao face. Now watch my sexy ass and stroke, stroke like the desperate little jerkaholic that you are. Now jerk to my huge titties. They are so nice and plump and round. It’s too much for a loser like you to handle. My sexy ass, my big tits, and my ahegao face are making you so horny and stupid, aren’t they? Keep jerking loser wanker. I know you can’t stop lol. Keep jerking moron. I know I have you in a jerking trance to my ahegao face montage. I think it’s hilarious that that is all it takes to get you going. It’s so easy to manipulate you with that face. I just love mocking you and making you weak for me. Keep gooning. Get lost in my ahegao trance. You’re my loser wanker. You can’t stop jerking. You can’t control yourself when I make the ahegao face, it’s your weakness. Keep going jerky boy. Get nice and horny for me. Go deeper into this mindfuck. You’re so lost, so weak. So weak for my ahegao face. Such a fucking pervert! You really are pathetic that it’s that easy to get you going, just a facial expression and you’re gone. Pump if faster loser. Pump it with me as I instruct your cock. LOL! You’re mine and there’s nothing you can do about it. You’re my little ahegao pumper. My stupid little gooner. Stare at my ass once again and edge. You’re so lucky I’m teasing you like this. Using my face and my body to completely manipulate you and wipe your brain lol. I know how badly you want to cum, but not yet. Just keep mindlessly gooning to my ahegao face. You’re so desperate and pathetic. You can’t resist me. I know you’re right on the edge. Perverts like you can’t last too long when jerking to my ahegao face. Pump it faster and I want you to beg, beg me to let you cum. I want to hear how desperate you are, loser. You’re my desperate little wanker. I’m going to count you down with a montage of ahegao faces and when I get to one, you’re going to cum so fucking hard to my face LOL!

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