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Do you even realize how fucked you are? The moment you subscribed to this website, you have handed us all of your personal information. You do realize that you have to type in your real information to join, don’t you? Your name, your email, your home address, your phone number, all of those are now in our hands. You have made it so fucking easy to blackmail-fantasy you, do you realize that? Your cock has lead you right here, when you’re horny you can’t think straight, you simply spiral into the goon hole without even thinking about the consequences of your actions. You don’t think, you just get so horny that you need to type in your information so you can see all of the Brats on HumiliationPOV. And even now as I’m making you aware that you have already handed over all of your information, you just can’t stop jerking. And now that we have all of your information, you are a customer for life now. You have given us all the power over that pathetic little life of yours. And now there is no running away. You see the moment that you try and cancel your subscription, all of your information will find itself online. Your name forever linked to HumiliationPOV whenever anyone googles you. You thought you were joining for a month or so, you didn’t realize the consequences of your actions. You see once you join, you become a member for life. Look how fast you’re jerking now that you realize just how fucked you are. You can’t help but jerk, you love being a blackmail-fantasy puppet for the Brats of HumiliationPOV. You are now a customer for life. Let that sink in. There’s absolutely nothing you can do at this point. You’re fucked. All you can do is jerk to it. Your horny cock has lead you here, to the place where you engage in risky behavior, because it makes you so fucking horny. And you’ve played other blackmail-fantasy games I’m sure, but this time there is no escaping it. You will see your membership on your credit card statement month after month for the rest of your life. I’ll bet you even jerk to it lol! And so many of you ask if this is real. Of course it is. We don’t bluff. Ask any of the guys who tried to leave and had their lives ruined lol! We don’t give a fuck about your pathetic life and we wouldn’t hesitate to upload all of your information online associating you with HumiliationPOV and showing everyone what a pathetic humiliation junkie you are lol. Anyone who googles your name would know exactly what you do in your spare time, loser. How does that make you feel? I know how it makes you feel, it makes your cock rock fucking hard, it makes your cock twitch in your hand. Your cock loves it and therefore you are so utterly fucked. Look how fast you’re jerking, you pathetic little freak. You don’t even care that we’re blackmailing-fantasy you, in fact, you can’t stop gooning to it. You are a customer for life now and there’s nothing you can do. You fucking idiot, you’ve compromised all of your information, just because you were horny. And the scariest part is that you just handed your information to girls who get off on ruining your pathetic life. But that just turns you on even more and you start jerking even faster lol. The more I talk about how fucked you are, the deeper you slip into goon trance. You are now a customer for life, you pathetic little humiliation junkie, aren’t you just so lucky? LOL! You love being a blackmailed-fantasy customer for life. You get off on the risk of having your life ruined. And we will ruin if if you don’t keep up your membership lol. And you didn’t even have to do anything or beg for it, you didn’t even realize what would happen, but now that you know, you’re so fucking horny. You love your membership even more lol. Your membership brings you tons of videos and blackmail-fantasy for life. How lucky are you? You made it so easy for us to blackmail-fantasy you and I can tell you love it. I know you’re jerking off furiously behind your computer screen to the thought, rather the realization that you are currently being blackmailed-fantasy lol. You can’t stop jerking to it, you can’t lol. Your head will be spinning every day and you will have a constant hard-on knowing that you’re being blackmailed-fantasy by us. let me be clear, if ONE single rebill doesn’t go through, your information will be immediately released. This is VERY real and there is NO escape. There’s not a single thing you can do about it. You are a customer for life now. We own you.

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