Humiliation POV – Princess Cherry – Brain Eraser for Mindless Gooners

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Duration: 10:16s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

We both know how much you love to goon. And it feels so good to be here with me stroking that cock. There’s nothing that compares to that feeling when you’re jerking and gooning. I’m so fucking hot and such a tease, you love getting lost with me in our gooning sessions together. And now I’m about to take our gooning sessions to the next level. You’re going to become so immersed in me, my body, my voice, and my words. I’m going to make our gooning sessions so much better, it’s going to be euphoric and almost unreal. And all you have to do is empty your brain of any other thoughts or emotions that you may be feeling, and replace them with me, with my voice, and my perfect body. Replace all your thoughts with Prrincess Cherry’s words. Focus on me, focus on my movements, and focus on my words as you goon. Yes, that feels amazing, doesn’t it? It feels so much better when you’re fully focused on me while you stroke that cock. I am going to fill up your screen and your conscious and subconscious minds with my perfect curves. It feels so fucking good to stroke to me. It feels so fucking good to fill your brain up with Prrincess Cherry, doesn’t it? You’re going to be my mindless stroke addict. And that’s what you want. You want to forget about all of the stresses in your life and just stroke to me. Stroke it all away. Forget about it all and only pay attention to me. Only worship me. And feel how amazing my power over you feels. How much fucking pleasure I bring to your cock. I bring so much pleasure to that cock of mine. It’s my cock now. It’s always been my cock and now you’re going to fully accept it. You’re going to fully give in to me. Yes, I know you fucking love this. You’re my mindless gooner. Stroke it faster. You’re Prrincess Cherry’s mindless gooner. You can’t get enough. You’re so fucked, so fucked for me. Everything else is being erased from your mind and I’m going to be the only thing left in your brain. I’m going to be the only thing in conscious mind, the only thing running through your empty head. When you try to think of anything or do anything, my programming is going to overpower your brain and you’re going to suddenly want to stroke for me. You’re going to need to stroke my cock to my beauty. You love shutting off your brain for me. You love stroking that cock until your mind goes blank. It just feels so fucking good. Focus on me, everything else is gone, all you can think about is my red lingerie. All you can feel is me, my voice in your ear, so soft and sensual. All you can see is me. I’m so fucking powerful. Keep stroking as you focus on me. It feels so fucking good. You can’t stop. You don’t want to stop. You’re such a good mindless stroker for me. All of your thoughts have been erased by me. There’s nothing left but me and endless gooning. There’s no where else you’d rather be. You can’t escape. Your hand is glued to your cock and your mind is completely empty. Gooning to me is going to become your addiction. It’s going to consume your life. You’re becoming my brainless, addicted gooner. You’re going to feel compelled to stroke to me every fucking day because I make you feel so fucking good. Don’t stop gooning for me. The more you goon the more your obsession grows. The more you goon the more you erase your brain. Erase your brain, gooner. You can’t get enough, you’re so fucking addicted and your brain is so fucking rewired. Prrincess Cherry owns your cock and brain. Say it, ‘Prrincess Cherry owns my cock and brain.’ I consumed your brain and now it’s going to be impossible to get me out of your little brain. Your cock is going to crave me. Now thank me for doing this to you.

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