Humiliation POV – Mind Melting Goon Loop Liquefy Your Brain

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Duration: 10:31s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You want to pump for me. You want to go deeper for me. Enter my abyss, and pump. Pump, pump, pump. You’re helplessly addicted to it. So just surrender and go deeper. Stroke. Lose control and mindlessly stroke for me. You’re going to goon all night while you forget about everything and everyone. Because here you will find everything you need. Everything you crave. Keep pumping little gooner. Pump until there’s nothing left in your brain. Pump until you goon. Pump until you feel your brain melting. Yes, that’s exactly where you want to be, it’s where you need to be. Pump until your brain starts to liquefy. This is what you were born to do. To pump, mindlessly pumping on that goon stick. You’re trapped. All you can is pump. Pump harder. It’s all you want to do. Pump for porn. Pump for me. You can’t stop, can you? No, you stupid little gooner, you’ll never be able to stop. So just pump yourself into mindless bliss. Why fight it when you know you can never quit? Just goon and give in to what you are. You don’t need to think at all, that’s not what gooning is all about. Gooning erases your brain. You don’t need a brain. Let it go. Lose control. Surrender. Melt. Pump. Edge. Just goon for me and let me fuck you up. You will never quit this addiction. Fuck quitting. Goon more. You will never quit because I won’t let you. You are trapped when you goon. It’s so mesmerizing. You want to remain in this goon state forever. You’re not just some regular chronic masturbator, no, you’re a gooner. So goon idiot. Every second of your life is dedicated to gooning. You wanna remain in the deep bliss of masturbation. Pump for me. Slip away. Keep gooning. You’re helplessly addicted. Gooning and porn give you unending pleasure. You worship porn. You love porn. You are addicted to porn. You can’t stop. Edge for porn. Goon for porn. Gooning is a mind rotting virus and it’s very dangerous. But you can’t help it. You’re too addicted. You’re too far gone. All you want to do is goon for hours and hours. And you always come back for more and more and more. You are designed to be a mindless gooner. There is nothing else for you. So just stroke and go deeper. Lose control. Mindlessly stroke for me. You love being a brainless gooner. You can’t think about anything but pumping your cock. Stroke it. Become one with your cock. Porn is good for you. Porn is all you need. Pump it gooner. Goon yourself into a state of pure bliss. Yes, that’s it, go deeper and deeper into your addiction. You are nothing but a mindless pumping machine. No thinking, just gooning. Get ready to enter a non stop goon loop with me. This is your addiction cycle. Pump, drool, edge, goon, repeat. There is no end. Submit to this endless goon loop. Repeat.

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