Humiliation POV – Lucid Lavender – Harley Quinns JOI Tryouts

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Duration: 9:45s
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Welcome to your trial time, I really need some new henchmen that can help me pull off all of my… Um well they call them crazy stunts but I just think I do what I need to do and you’re going to help me do what I do, but in order for that to happen I just need to make sure you can get through a few things. Got it? Get naked. That’s right, take your fucking pants off! Good! See, you know how to listen. Look at that soft cock, LOL! Make it grow, make it bigger lol! There you go, don’t be shy. Show me what you got, show me what I’m working with. Jerk your cock, I’m not always this nice so enjoy it while it lasts. Good. Jerk to me. And now that I’ve got you warmed up, punch it! LOL! Punch your cock! We go through a lot of tough things around here, from the people that we’re up against, and sometimes from me. But I’ve heard that it’s kinda fun when I do it. Punch it again. Do it for me. Awwww now settle down big boy. Just stroke it. I love seeing your hand glide on your cock just like that. LOL! But don’t cum, not yet. You have to wait, you have to prove that you can earn it. And if you prove that you can earn it well then you get a little treat. When you do what I want and you do it right you get a reward. And then that trains your brain and you just want to do it again and again and again. And that’s how I get my loyal henchmen, that’s how I get my loyal boys to follow me and do whatever I want them to. Stroke that cock for me, and punch it! LOL! Do it again, punch it! LOL! It can’t be that bad, you have a tough cock from beating it all those years, from stroking it raw for all those years. Your cock has already put up with a good amount of stuff and now it’s gotta put up with me. And you’re doing pretty ok so far. Now why don’t you take your hand off and just let it hover above your cock. ‘But I really wanna touch it, I really wanna stroke it, c’mon let me stroke it.’ The more you beg… well it does kinda soften me up a little bit, I’m not gonna lie. Ask me again, really nicely. Say, ‘Please can I stroke my cock for you. I just want it to feel good.’ Ok stroke it and punch it. Stroke it and stroke it and punch it. Stroke it, stroke it, are you getting close? Keep going, I want you right on the edge and then I want you to punch it again LOL! I like to play around when I get bored and I need people who are willing to play with me and put up with what I have to dish out. And at first you weren’t really punching it as hard as I wanted but now you’re really going for it. I like that. Maybe you deserve a reward, do you think you deserve a reward? Do you think I should let you? Ok do it, stroke that cock and think about how every time you please me you’re going to get to do this. Every time you blow me away you’re going to get me in front of you, telling you exactly what to do and how to do it. How much pain and how much pleasure. It could be up to you but it’s kinda more fun when it’s up to me because you don’t know what to expect. Gotta leave you guessing, just a little bit. Ok I’m totally gonna let you cum this time. So stroke for me. Think about how much you want me but you’re never gonna get me, but you can stroke to me, you can stroke because of me. I like seeing you do that. I like getting you so close, I can see it in your eyes… but I only let you get so far and then I make you punch it again lol! C’mon jerk it, I know it hurts but you’re so close. I know you’re frustrated. Jerk it, jerk it faster, I know you’re really, really close. You’re jerking so fast, and you’re really hoping I don’t make you punch it again. Stroke it faster and faster and faster and oh my god lol! You did really good. I think you made it but I’ll let you know next week, you might have to go through another trial. I’ll let you know, ok?

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