Humiliation POV – Liv Anonyma – Inhale My Blue Ball Potion – Mindless Edging to Brainless Denial

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Duration: 9:58s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You’re already so fucking weak. Your dick gets hard at the snap of my fingers. Almost anything can trigger a raging hard on because you’re a fucking pervert. And I’ve got something to help you go deeper, to become my weak, jerkoff addict. A special blue ball potion to make them swollen. A special potion, it’ll make you so hard. You’ll jerk how I say and you’ll sniff it how I say, inhaling and exhaling as I tell you to. My special potion will give you a rush as you pump it. You wanna breathe for me, right? And you wanna jerkoff for me, right? Don’t be scared, just get your potion ready. Get those blue balls ready for me because you’re going to edge your brains out. Now inhale, then hold and beat your dick fast for me. Hold it, hold it, hold it… Good boy. Now exhale. Exhale and keep pumping fast. No time to gather your thoughts, just mindless pumping. Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Now pump it slowly. Inhale. Hold. Hold. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Keep pumping it slowly. Twist your hand around your dick. Inhale. Tease your cock, going so slowly. Exhale. I know you love the rush of my blue ball potion. It makes you want to beat your dick so fast and so hard. Jerk it fast and hard for me. Edge that cock. Inhale. Exhale. And pump it faster. Faster. Now inhale. Faster pervert. Exhale. Keep pumping it, you dirty pervert. Inhale. Hold and jerk and hold and jerk. Faster and faster. Exhale… Feel your balls getting fuller and fuller. You’re craving your next inhalation of my special potion. Craving me as your cock throbs. Inhale. Hold and go slow. Good pervert. Exhale and tell me how weak you are. You’re weak for pretty girls, aren’t you? You’ll do anything we say. I want that cock throbbing and your balls full as you edge yourself into oblivion. Tease that cock. Inhale. Tease it for me. Aren’t you so lucky to be at my feet? Exhale. Get ready to another sniff of my blue ball potion, and there’s a reason why it’s a blue ball potion. Inhale. Hold and stroke that fucking cock until you get close. It feels so good to stroke. Exhale. What a good, weak boy. You’re going to obey me, aren’t you? Inhale. Get yourself close. You’re gonna cum when I say you cum. Exhale. Say, ‘I’m so weak for Liv. I’m so fucking weak, I’ll do anything Liv says.’ Inhale. Keep pumping. Exhale. Get close. You’re not going to cum today. Nope! You con’t get to cum! LOL Just edging and edging and edging. You’re not going to cum today. Nope! Just endless, mindless edging. Inhale again and get nice and close, right to the edge.. and exhale. Just edging and edging. No cumming. Keep edging, don’t stop. Don’t cum. Keep denying yourself but enjoying the absolute intense pleasure that this brings to your horny cock. Inhaling and exhaling. Edging. Play this on loop. You’re not going to cum today.

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