Humiliation POV – Goddexx Daphne – You Re Not Straight Are You

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Hello little gay slave. Lol! That’s right, I know all about your deepest, darkest fantasies. I know what you truly crave lol. You crave cock, don’t you? You can pretend to everyone else in your life that you’re some ‘straight guy’ lol, but I see the truth of who you really are. You are a complete and utter faggot for me. You crave nothing more than to be filled with cock. You’re just too afraid to go out and get it yourself. You’re just too entrenched with living this straight man lifestyle when all you really want is to be used by cock. LOL! Do you need proof? Well you bought this clip, didn’t you? And your cock is hard, isn’t it? That dick of yours is rock fucking hard. So why don’t you go ahead and be a good little faggot for me and start pumping it. Pump that horny secretly gay cock. Up and down for your Goddess. Your Goddess that knows the truth about you, she knows exactly what you crave. You want me to turn you into a complete faggot, don’t you? You want me to draw out your gay nature and make you indulge in all of your fantasies lol. I’ve done it so many times already to so many other men. And it starts just like this, having you pump to the idea of turning gay. You’ve done this so many times, haven’t you? Jerked your cock to the idea of becoming the faggot that you are deep down. But this time it’s going to be different. This time I am going to make you actually go out and suck cock. But before I work my dominant power over your suggestible gay little mind, you are going to need to beg me to do it to you. You’re going to need to kneel before me like the obedient little slave we both know you are. And you’re going to beg me to turn you out on the street like the gay little slut that you are. I want you to pump your cock and whisper out loud what a gay little faggot you are. Confess all of your homoerotic desires to me lol. Say, ‘I’m only good for taking cock, Goddess.’ Beg me, ‘Goddess please turn me into a cock slave for superior cock, please Goddess.’ Beg bitch lol. Show me how badly you want it. I know you want it so bad. I know because you’re getting hornier and hornier by the second as you voice all of your desires. Feels good to speak the truth, doesn’t it? And the truth is that you are a faggot for cock. The truth is that you crave to have men’s cum dripping down your throat. The truth is that you want to have one cock in your mouth and another filling up your ass. You want to be on your hands and knees getting fucked from behind as you suck cock like an obedient little whore lol. I know it’s true. Just look how horny you get, jerking away as you imagine getting taken from behind. Getting fucked by a muscular man, getting that ass of yours broken in lol. You just want to be used and it’s going to feel so good when you finally take cock like you’ve always fucking dreamed of lol. Have you begged me enough? Have you confessed all of your desires? Good, that’s just what I wanted. And now I’m going to make you follow through with your desires. I’ve gotten you all wound up, hornier than you’ve ever been, hungry for cock. And now you’re going to go out and get it. You’re going to go out and get used by huge cocks. And I want you to film it all for me lol. Film yourself getting slutted out for cock like you’ve always wanted. And I want you to send it to me so I can see how much you love it. I want to see you moaning as you get pounded by big, thick cock lol! I wanna see that you truly are the faggot that I always knew you were. Keep pumping that cock, look at how hard this makes you. You can’t deny it any more. You can’t pretend that you’re some normal straight guy anymore. You’re not. You’re a complete and utter faggot for me and that’s how I want you to be. Horny for cock. Now go out and be the slut that we both know you are lol.

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