Humiliation POV – Goddexx Daphne – Risky Home Wrecker Whisper Game – Relationship Ruiner

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Duration: 13:46s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Goddexx Daphne! If you’ve never experienced one of Goddexx Daphne’s whisper clips, you’re in for a real treat. She has perfected these types of clips, your head will be spinning, your heart will be racing, the rush is unlike anything you’ve experienced before! You will jerk your cock to you as she whispers in your ear, while your wife/gf is close by, you won’t be able to stop yourself lol! You just couldn’t resist, could you? We both know, you shouldn’t be here, but you couldn’t help yourself. Seeing your Goddess in a shiny sexy outfit, it just draws you in, doesn’t it? You are going to be my obedient little stroke slut today. You’re going to play this video out loud, no headphones, while she is nearby. Your wife or your gf, maybe she’s in bed next to you, or maybe you’re in the bathroom watching this while she’s just in the other room. Either way you’re going to watch this at a time when she could possibly catch you. That’s the position you’re in right now, isn’t it? And you’re so horny. You’re so desperately horny that you couldn’t resist, you had to give in and jerk for me. There’s just something about shiny skimpy outfits that makes you so fucking weak. And what about my shiny boots? Those make you so weak too, don’t they? You would do anything that a shiny covered Goddess tells you to do. You would even put your relationship at risk. It’s not just your relationship that you’re risking when you play my little game, it’s your whole fucking life. Lol! What do you think would happen if she woke up or walked in and caught you pumping to femdom porn? Do you think she’d be pleased? Lol! I don’t. I think she would break up with you. I think she would tell everyone you both know what a weak little bitch you are for femdom Goddesses. And she would be right, wouldn’t she? Go on, keep stroking, you are a weak little bitch for me. You just can’t help yourself. Keep stroking for me. Keep pumping up and down for me. Even if this ruins your relationship, it’ll be so worth it, won’t it? These moments when you get to stroke to my shiny curves, nothing compares to this feeling for you. Nothing beats the rush of submitting to me when she’s so close by. Would you let me ruin your relationship? What if I decided to yell? Would you turn the video off or continue stroking? Just hoping and praying that she doesn’t catch you lol. I bet you wouldn’t turn it off, no, not you. You’re too fucked for me. You’re in too deep. You’ve fallen under my shiny spell. My power has completely taken hold of you. You’re so fucking weak and addicted. You’d let me ruin your life, wouldn’t you? What if I told her, ‘He’s a femdom addicted little bitch, he loves my shiny slutty outfits’. LOL! Was that too loud? Lol! Did you turn the video off? Did you turn the volume down? Or are you still pumping? I bet you’re still jerking it to me, even though this is so stupid for you to do, so dumb for you to throw away your relationship just because you’re horny. And you are stupid when you’re horny, aren’t you? You’re a dumb little boy when you’re horny. You can’t help what a dumb, drooling, weak little mess you turn into for me. I’m going to show you just how hooked you are on me, I’m going to show you just how stupid you are. Maybe I should ruin your relationship, I think it would be beneficial for me have you single, then I could have you all to myself. If you’re not in a relationship then you can spend all of your free time buying my clips and jerking off to me. So maybe I should ruin your fucking life. You’re not going to stop me. You’re not going to turn this video off lol. We both know you won’t lol. You are going to cum for me when I command it. And you’re not going to turn this video off and you’re not going to turn it down. You’re going to keep jerking even as I ruin your relationship. I triggered you with my perfect shiny curves and now you’re hooked, now you’re fucked lol. Jerk it faster, get yourself to the edge, let my shiny tits control your mind. You can’t resist. You are going to explode everywhere for me and then you are going to be mine. Are you ready to cum? ‘That’s right, he’s my bitch and he’s going to cum for his Goddess.’ Cum, cum, that’s right naughty boy, you can’t help yourself, you can’t resist me lol. Now I’m going to leave you with two messes to clean up. You’re going to clean up that puddle of cum, and you’re also going to also have to clean up the mess of your relationship lol. And it you didn’t get caught, then I want you to watch this again tomorrow, I want you to risk it all for your Goddess. I want you to keep playing my dangerous game until you get caught lol!

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