Humiliation POV – Goddess Aura – Hacker Doll Tech Goddess Infiltrates Your Computer – You Downloaded a Virus

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Duration: 11:49s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Hello loser, today I’m going to give you the chance to stroke to my Goddess body. What a lucky bitch you are. Don’t you think this dress just perfectly accentuates the curves of my Goddess body? Pump for me. Look at you, you’re so pathetic. When you get a notification that there’s a new video released, you just can’t wait to hole up in your dark room and goon for me while I consume you. You get instantly hard, instantly triggered. All it will take is the snap of my fingers to make you my puppet, so easy to manipulate, so ready to edge for me. (Snap) LOL! My aura is so powerful and irresistible. Pump for my perfect body, swaying back and forth across your screen. Melt your mind. Let my aura consume and transform you into my gooning puppet, lost deep in subspace. You need me, you need to worship me to find your place in this world. You need to feel so small and insignificant and only I can do that for you. Nothing feels better than this, when you pump and edge for your Goddess. And now I’m going to do a little countdown, and you already know what to do, loser. Obey and edge in 3, 2, 1… and Stop! Lol! Did you think it would be that easy? Lol! This is going to be a long edging session and it is becoming obvious to you that I am in control and you are primed to obey everything that I tell you. Now for your first task. I want you to put on pair of panties, and if you don’t have any, then pause the clip and go buy some lol. I like to make things difficult for you, perv. Perv’s like you don’t deserve an easy life. Now rub your cock for me through your panties. Feel the soft fabric against your cock. Faster. Edge for me. Faster and faster. Now stop! Lol! You’re pathetic. Awww did you want to cum already, idiot? I don’t think so. Now I want you to write my name on your chest with lipstick. And then put some on your lips lol. Such a good boy. Don’t you want to be my good boy? Of course you do lol. Now get down on your knees and stroke again for me. I want you to feel so stupid and humiliated for me while you edge in your panties and lipstick with my name across your chest. Now reach that edge again. Ride that edge. Now stop! Take your fucking hand off. Now edge it again. Faster and faster, get so close to the edge… and stop! I know it must be so frustrating, stopping and starting. Getting so close and then being told to stop. Now listen to me carefully. There’s something you didn’t know. When you downloaded this clip I there was a virus in it that gave me access to your computer and then it was easy to turn on your webcam. I’ve been filming you. And not only have I been filming you, but I’ve been spying on your and your information on your computer. It was that simple. And now it’s too late to run away. You are fucked. And now, you have ten minutes to tribute me, or else I will post this clip not only on my social media, but I will send it out from your email to all of your contacts. I will post it with your name and everyone will see and recognize you. Lol! You have been hacked, and until I receive your tribute, I will stay on your computer to see what you are up to, I can see every key stroke. I am not letting you go. You are now my victim and you are under my complete control. You thought you were just going to edge and cum for me, but look at you, in women’s panties, my name on your chest and lipstick on your lips, hacked and blackmailed-fantasy. I love playing games like this with you. I love fucking with you, leaving you with no way out. Now send me that tribute and then fuck off lol!

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