Humiliation POV – Brain Erasing Eye Contact JOI Training For Mindless Gooners

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Duration: 14:51s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Princess knows just how much you love stroking, pumping and paying. I know how good it feels to be my obedient little gooner. You love when I tell you to pump for me. You love when I tease you. But I feel like you need to go deeper, you need to fall into my little goon hole, deeper and deeper. So I want to help you get there so that you can fully be my good little gooner. I’m going to do some deep joi training as you stare into my eyes and become mesmerized by my words and my body. I’m going to have you mindlessly stroking my cock for me with nothing else on that weak brain of yours. Nothing but me. You’re going to be fully focused on my words while you make good eye contact with me while you stroke your brain away. I want your mind completely empty except for me and my words in your ear. Get on your knees in front of me, get on your knees whenever you’re worshiping me with your cock in your hand. Now take out my cock and you’re going to pump it for me just like a good beta should. Pump that cock and focus on my movements. Focus on me. Turn all the distractions off in your brain and start slowly pumping as you listen to my voice. Keep that good eye contact with me, no looking away. You are caught in my gaze. Nothing should distract you, keep your focus on me, on my body. I want you to repeat after me, ‘I’m only going to focus on Prrincess Cherry.’ Good boy. Say it again while you continue to slowly pump for me. Good boy. Do you feel focused? Do you feel connected with me in this moment? Let all of your stress go, stroke your stresses away. I want you to pump away your life. Keep pumping. This is so therapeutic for you. This is so essential for your well being. You need this. You need to be a good, submissive beta, pumping away. Now repeat after me, ‘I’m pumping away all of my problems with Princess.’ Good boy. Now pump my cock faster. But don’t lose control. Don’t lose focus. I’m right here, here to guide you. Guiding you into a deep joi trance, erasing all of your thoughts, only leaving room for Princess. Say it, ‘I’m only leaving room for Princess.’ Keep repeating that as you continue to pump for Princess. Don’t lose control, slow it down if you need to. This is all about training you to be a mindless, obedient stroke slave. Feel the blissful sensation of being fully present with Princess. Good boy. Now say, ‘When I cum for Princess, she’s going to own me.’ Good boy. Keep saying it because this is what’s going to happen beta, when you cum for me, I’m going to own you and your brain. I’m going to fully take over. Good boy, such a good obedient beta. I want you to stroke it faster, get yourself to the edge. When you cum for Princess, I’m going to fully own you. Get to the edge and cum for me, pump that load out of my cock. Shoot it all out and say, ‘When I cum Princess, she’s going to own me.’ I own you now. Say, ‘I belong to Prrincess Cherry.’ I fucking own your brain and you’re going to be so fucking triggered for me from now on. Every single clip of mine you see, you’re going to have an uncontrollable urge to buy it. You’re going to need to binge and goon mindlessly away to me. And then you’re going to have to pay me and self destruct. LOL! You’re such a dummy! LOL! You’re a weak gooning dummy for me.

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