Homewrecking B-Mail for the Lovesick – Princess Miki

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Duration: 12:13
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

You don’t just love Me. You are hopelessly in love with Me — I make you feel things you’ve never felt, I understand you in a way that you significant other never will. Our love is something you probably want to keep a secret. This can be arranged, as long as you prove yourself to Me.

Prove to Me that I’m the most important Woman in your life.

I will ask for a few… personal details. You could say that these details are proof of your love and devotion to Me. I may also ask for some details related to your “other love,” which are crucial to strengthening OUR bond.

You’ll see what I mean, and since you’ve read the title and know Me pretty well by now, the rest is obvious.

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