Hentaied – Haneen – Mr Alien In Action

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Duration: 7:12s
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

The curiosity of Mr. Alien has no limits, he wants to spread his tentacles and wrap them around a petite girl so she can experience real alien bondage. The choice fell on Haneen, standing at only 135cm and 29kg, she may as well be the tiniest woman in porn. Well, today, he’s going to knock on her doors uninvited. He wants to perform an experiment, so he slowly enters the room where our petite lady is laying down on a table and crawls up her incredibly tight pussy with a tentacle. As it probes inside, the blue-eyed teeny’s legs start to shake, she can feel every inch going deeper inside her, and she seems to like it. Could be because no human sex organ would be able to get inside her with such care, but also intensity at the same time that almost makes her orgasm instantly. The more she wiggles on the table, the hornier Mr. Alien gets, and it makes him want to explore more of his test subject, primarily her mouth during the course of this alien bondage. So without hesitation, he spreads another tentacle, this one is going inside her mouth, and slowly but surely gets embraced by her. As her tongue is doing work on the tentacle, Haneen’s face blushes from the rush of pleasure that’s coursing all throughout her body, and she lets him do whatever he feels appropriate at the moment. Haneen seems to have grown fond of the tentacle probing her pussy, she reaches down with her hand to thrust it deeper inside herself. It’s obvious that she wants to get filled up with his alien semen, and shortly after, Mr. Alien will oblige with a dripping load of cum. Those alien tentacles are insatiable, after all, having such a slender, small girl calls for more creampies. He grabs a hold of her neck with one of his tentacles, holding her firmly in place while continuing to probe her pussy, showing us what alien bondage is all about. She squirms, the pleasure reaches an all-time high, and Mr. Alien goes back to exploring the depths of her throat. You can’t even imagine how intense this all feels, but Haneen can, she’s cumming, making an ahegao face, and moaning increasingly louder with each moment. Let’s not forget that Mr. Alien has a sincere amount of affection for this girl, she’s quite special, so he takes a moment to caress her pretty face and petite body with tentacles. After a sensual moment, he goes back to finishing the business, makes her cross the legs, and lifts them up, so she can feel the tentacles fucking her slit even better. This time, the orgasm is going to be massive, greater than all before it, heavier. She’s once again stuffed with alien cum, gallons of it, and we get blessed with the view of her pussy squirting out the semen. She’s paralyzed, from the long, intense session with the tentacles, from the rampant orgasms, and her ahegao face with the crossed eye is the perfect culmination to this alien experiment.

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