Hentaied – Haneen – From Cunt Till Mouth

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Duration: 5:21s
Quality: 3840x2160 HD

It moves through her slithering inside that petite body, making her pussy tremble from the thickness of the tentacle cock. The more it impales her, the more Haneen keeps losing her mind to the unbearable, frightening, yet pleasurable orgasm that makes her eyes roll in ahegao fashion. Suddenly, it starts dispersing a massive volume of oozing sperm, it’s everywhere, inside her, gushing through the mouth, together with the tentacle that has gone all the way through. She is trembling, but the sexual pleasure, on the other hand, is so intense that no fear can compare to the magnificent experience of being filled with Aliens’ jizz The mouth tentacle begins crawling out even further, and our tiny princess’s body is unable to hold it. Haneen shifts from side to side as a massive black monster continues to fuck her slit and spread its seed within. Her belly inflates, she is becoming so full that it seems like she’s going to explode. Haneen has no choice but to groan silently and savor the most fantastic and unforgettable experience of her life. Her belly is swollen like a gigantic balloon for so long since she has so much cum inside of her. On the verge of exploding, once again she begins thrusting it all out, but now even more. Her face is stickied, eyes closed shut by the thick white alien liquid, she can’t see from it, and the orgasms make her unable to hear. All her sensor feelings are shut down, except one, the one inside her, that feels the path through which the tentacle has explored her body, and it still feels surreal. She can’t even breathe, the huge tentacle has exited her mouth, but it’s back once again to make her suck it. In between, she somehow takes breaths, before eventually taking an oral creampie. What she’s experiencing is even greater than a bukkake, all the cum has been inside her, and now she’s laying in a pool of it, and spitting it out on herself. This session with Mr. Alien will not be forgotten. Haneen may be exhausted and alone in a cold room, but she no longer has any fears. The only thing she feels is pleasure, that came into her life from a strange place, and an even stranger tentacle creature that has gifted her with an amazing all the way through hentai style pounding.

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