Hentaied – Dropouts Pt 4 – The Finale – Eve Sweet and Haneen and Jia Lissa and Liya Silver and Sonya Blaze and Talia Mint and Valentina Nappi

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Duration: 14:47s
Quality: 3840x2160 HD
Category: LESBIANS

A cold shiver runs through Jia’s body from head to toe. Just the thought of being rejected makes this girl lose her sanity. But Valentina is here to welcome her in the dark world of dropouts. The world of lust, sins and forever dead hopes. Valentina’s soft voice and warm touches calm Jia, when huge blue tentacle fucks her tight pussy without any mercy. When alien monsters go all the way through her helpless body, meanwhile filling it up with hot creamy cum. Hot brunette guides the poor girl from deepest hell of fear to endless sexual paradise. Paradise where all the dropouts wait for Jia. To finally join the orgy with another incredible lustful ladies and a dozen of huge tentacle monsters. Once Jia was welcomed, all the girls were sitting on their knees on the cold dirty floor. Liya Silver, Sonya Blaze, Talia Mint, Eve Sweet and Haneen. All waiting to be punished again. Looking at huge monster crawling to fuck all the sins out of them. But also, all the hopes to be free again. Valentina is calm as always telling girls that Love will save them. That Love is their last hope. Hot, lustful kisses between girls are incomparable. So, they start to accept what is going on. They accept that they are nothing, but sex dolls of monsters. They are slaves who are always ready to be fucked and used in any ways their Lord wishes so. Lust and sexual desire take over their minds. There is tomorrow for them. Just present. They have to do their dirty duties. To fulfil all the desires of the alien monsters. Today tentacles make girls wait long. They slowly crawl all around their tired, sexy bodies. Monsters enjoy the foreplay of the ladies. And finally, when Valentina takes her place and start to ride the biggest alien cock, all other pussies are penetrated at once. Loud exciting moans filled this place. But nobody can hear these sweet moans of pleasure. You can read everything on these young nice faces

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