Hazel Simone – Shy Virgin Schoolgirl Begs For An A

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Your young teen student comes into your office after school, begging you for a better mark. She’s always had such good grades but somehow flunked this test. Desperate, she begs you to let her retake the test – telling you she’ll do anything. You’ve always thought she was cute, and even fantasized about corrupting her little teenage body. You decide to take advantage of her naivety and tell her you’ll give her an A if she takes care of your hard cock. She’s shocked and uncomfortable, but eventually agrees to a handjob to save her GPA. After she starts to nervously stroke your cock you begin to push the boundaries, telling her to put the tip in her mouth and then down her throat. She hesitates before submissively obeying, telling you she’s a virgin and has never even masturbated. You ask her to remove her top, and soon you have her bent over with her panties pulled down. She is visibly uncomfortable as you push your length inside of her but begins to enjoy herself once you show her how to rub her clit. She comes, squirting a little, and you finish inside of her. You get her to clean it off your cock with her tongue. She tells you she kind of enjoyed it but she never imagined her first time would be with her teacher, thanking you with a big smile.

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