HayleeLove – Bewitched By The Enchantress

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Duration: 13:24
Quality: 1920x1080 HD
Category: BLOW JOBS

Oh what a silly witch hunter you are! Thinking you could just stroll into HER lair and take her down. You were wrong. Now you find your self under her spell, bewitched by her poison kisses and helpless to her powers. Stripped and bound down she tells you her plans for you. To some it might not sound all that bad but for you…well you don’t have much choice in your weakened state and with her magic pulsing through your veins you feel desire stirring inside you. You just can’t help it. As she sucks and teases your cock pulling all the magic of your own to the head. She’s about to feed on the little power you had. As you become weaker she will become stronger. She will continue to milk your cock of your powers for the rest of your pathetic existence. Just like she has to every witch hunter before you. Silly witch hunter. You just never stood a chance.

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