Harley LaVey – JOI is for Real Men, SPH is for You 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 14:34
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I look so mouth watering in this outfit don’t I? Just the sight of my silky blonde hair, big tits and tiny little school girl skirt make you instantly hard. you heard that I’m the BEST at giving JOI while bringing men to the ultimate climax in merely minutes (if they even last that long). You’re here, you’re horny, and you want me to bring you to the edge with my perfect body and tantalizing words don’t you? maybe even strip off a little clothing for you? HAHAHHAHAHAHA. Nudity…is for real men. Jerk off instructions are for real men…did you think that was YOU? HAHAHAHA. Did you really think that you were good enough for big beautiful breasts, a gorgeous face and a perfect plump little ass teasing you all the way until explosion? HAHAHA….oh no. You see…that’s what real men get…what you get, is to be put in your rightful place, just like you deserve.

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