Happily Sweet – Happy The maid Helps you clean the floor 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 07:36
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Your mistress originally hired me to clean but she saw how much you took to me.. Shes now given me the task of managing you when shes out. She told us today we have to have this floor clean. Oh look hard already? That is a good start! See she told me I have to show you how to clean. Its a different technique , one I normally wouldnt have used but this one seems particularly well suited for you . Well.. before we worry about the floor , want to jack of for me?? Oh great !! Okay but first you have to ask me for permission !! Beg me .. yes.. more.. okay you can start! Ill just be here playing with my tits. They are nice dont you agree?? Okay when you are ready to cum just shoot it on the floor.. oh look at these white panties..I Love wearing cute little maid things.. boobs are so soft.. oh it looks like your ready to cum!!! yes goo ahead .. wow! Thats alot! Good job !!! Thats a huge amount of Jizz! Okay now lick it up! Yes make sure you get all the 4 tiles you jizzed on all the way to the edges. wow it looks like we have 100s of more tiles to go guess we better get a move on .. okay and again jack of for me !

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