Goddexx Daphne – Your True Alpha

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Duration: 9:52s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Hi beta! Sit down for Me like a good little bitch. You look very excited to see your alpha. Aww, did you miss Me? Of course you did. Today, I’m going to train you! You’re ready for some more pack training. I want to turn you into a very good boy for Me. Are you ready to obey My every command, beta? Good. I want you to take out your submissive cock, and start stroking it for Me. I’ve noticed something about you, something that I need to train out of you. You are very eager to obey Me – which is a good quality. However, you seem to think that if you work hard enough, that you stand a chance at being with Me. Silly boy. That is not how this works. Let Me explain something to you. It doesn’t matter how much you try to impress Me, it doesn’t matter how much you please Me. You will never be My equal. You will never be worthy of Me. You are lucky enough to be a part of My pack. Here’s how it works – you obey Me, slave away for Me, and in return you get to be in My world. As My beta. As My bitch. Got it? Good. Now let’s practice your begging skills. I know you want to jerk that beta cock for Me!

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