Goddess Randy – In Chastity For 720p – Glam Worship

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Duration: 05:24
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Goddess Randy Moore is your world, your inspiration, your reason for living. She loves how pathetically addicted to her YOU REALLY ARE. She knows you will do absolutely anything without question. She loves how she can LOCK YOU IN CHASTITY at the click of her fingers. So WORM as you haven’t been USEFUL to Goddess Randy, PAYING ENOUGH, BUYING HER GIFTS and SERVING HER! She has locked your worthless COCK and BALLS up in CHASTITY and made you GIVE HER ALL THE CASH YOU HAVE! But not before stripping you of all your CLOTHES. ”I CONTROL YOUR COCK NOW… so you better get used to it… your less of a man NOW… I SEE YOU LOOKING AT MY BIG ROUND TITS… does it hurt… do you feel the PINCH… you ain’t going to be able to CUM either” Goddess Randy considers taking your balls and castrating you as you are worthless and of no use. Now’s your chance to PLEAD for forgiveness and PROVE YOUR WORTH.

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