Goddess Platinum – Sexual Harassment Training 1920×1080 HD

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Duration: 56:57
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

So you want to be hired here at my company? Well you need to go through the “sexual harassment training” program. And as a potential male employee that involves ME sexually harassing YOU! So strip naked, get on your knees, and if you make it through my sexual verbal abuse, you might get hired.Oh, and did I mention you will have to literally BEG for the job?? That’s right, BEG for it, bitch. I want to see you naked, on your knees, and BEGGING for it.Nope, you still don’t have the job yet. I want to see you start stroking that tiny excuse for a cock of yours. (mostly just so I can have a good laugh.)But you see, as you are stroking that puny little cock of yours – KEEP STROKING!! – I will explain WHY you will have to do this EVERY day when you first report in to work…(And I have a very SPECIAL final test for you at the end of this clip to see just how bad you really want to work for me…)

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