Goddess Paige Orion – I Know Youre Jerking Right Now You Cant Stop

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You can’t hide the truth. Not from Me. I know what you are. You’re just a little cock-loving whore! You’ve tried to deny it, even from yourself. But I see right through you. I know that when you wrap your hand around your cock and start stroking, you find yourself beginning to fantasize about other men. Wondering what it would be like to touch, to feel, to taste cock against your lips. But you’ve been too scared to go all the way. How fucking boring. I like playing with good boys, boys who are brave enough to please Me. I want you to finally bring your fantasies to life. What are you scared of? Are you afraid you’re going to love it too much? Are you afraid you’re going to turn into nothing more than a cock-loving whore, greedy for cocks to be stuffed in every one of your slut-holes? Oh, silly pet. That’s inevitable! You can’t change what you are – you’re My dirty boy, My fucktoy cockwhore! And now, it’s time to stop running. It’s time to embrace what you really are!

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