Goddess Miss Jade – Ending Our Engagement No SFX

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Duration: 11:59s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Same clip without any of the special effects included Custom Resell “In the clip, you play my fiancé who ties me up and eats me alive. You begin to take bites out of me, licking and taunting me, and thoroughly enjoying yourself. My screams and begging only turn you on more. You tell me that as a man my only real use is to be a woman’s meal. You could just **** me and dispose of me, but it’s much more environmentally friendly to eat me. And you enjoy eating me alive (rather than k1lling me first) The more taunting and vocalization of you absolutely loving the fact that you are eating me the better, reiterating to me that you are eating me and eating me alive, and how fucked up it is but how much you love it.”

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