Goddess Madam Violet – Red My Lips 1280×720 HD

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Duration: 37:40
Quality: 1280x720 HD

Prepare your mind to be fucked raw slave. Dangerous, deeper than deep trance, unstoppable mind re-programming and cognitive rewiring. You will be dribbling, twitching, gaping and so pathetically desperate from just watching My shiny RED LIPS. Literally mesmerised as My plump wet lips form the powerful words that enslave your cock and mind. Mesmerised to obey, to pay, to drip and stroke and pay and OBEY.Eye closure induction, double-binds, imbedded commands keep your mind tied up, when you feel entranced you will hold your cock. I know you NEED to hold your cock and so the second you do your trance increases exponentially And you PLUMMET. COMPELLED to OBEY My wet plump RED LIPS. So fucked already what will happen when I start using My big juicy PERFECT tits to fuck your mind. Watching Me lick My lips, SNAP My fingers and see how HARD My nipples are.Yes you WILL PAY. But not yet. Not until you are fucking desperate not until there is nothing else you want or need but to OBEY what My erotic RED LIPS say and pay. I tease you, ramping up the pleasure the NEED the dripping ache. You will SUCCUMB when My RED LIPS tell you to. Not before…I’m spreading your mind, you are spreading your wallet, stroking your cock, fucking your mind red and raw…When I’ve finished fucking you up and down, when My commands are deeply imbedded and you are compelled to OBEY whatever My wet RED PLUMP LIPS say I count you down into orgasm…Contains: deep ‘mesmerise’, mental domination, financial domination, mindfuck, cognitive reprogramming, layered voice tracks, eye fixation, eye closure, sensual domination, femdom pov, red lips, red nails, cum countdown, female domination, goddess worship, slave training.

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