Goddess Lindsey – Romantic Denial

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Duration: 12:16s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

February is the best month for denial. Everywhere you look, you’re faced with a brutal reminder of just how alone and pathetic you are. There is no where to run to, no end to this humiliation. 28 days of suffering and I love watching you whimper under all that weight of denial. It’s not just Me drilling this into you. Society is reminding you that you are not just unfuckable..you are unlovable. A much deeper kind of denial. It’s one thing for women to not want to fuck you, but to be repulsive enough to your core to flat out be unlovable…that is true humiliation. Total denial. Physically and romantically getting denied by the entire world all month long. This gives you all the jerking material you need! Let’s be honest..you love this. The pain hurts so good, it hurts just right. Feeling each verbal sting not just in your heart, but in your cock. you can’t stop stroking. The meaner I get, the hotter it gets. Lucky for you, imagine a world where you were this denied and couldn’t get turned on by that rejection? Now, that would suck.

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