Goddess Lindsey – Moan Sweet Nothings

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Duration: 12:10s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

I want to hear the lust drip from your lips as you moan sweet nothings and stroke to Me. The louder you moan, the more I allow you to stroke. Those feelings of adoration pour out of you faster than you can comprehend them. Do you hear yourself? Moan louder. Do you see how much you love Me? Do you see how much you need Me? I want the world to hear those moans. your obsession deeply undeniable with every grasp of air you moan louder for Me. Can you see how things will never be the same after this? Those sweet nothings can’t be taken back. I know exactly where your heart is now, and I don’t have plans to let you go. Moan louder. Cum harder. Good boy.

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