Goddess Lindsey – Church of Lindsey Day of Tasks

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Duration: 14:18s
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Your worship is always your number one priority and each time you sit down to focus on what truly matters I want you to remember that. I want you to find new and improved ways to ensure that The Church of Lindsey will always be your number 1 priority. As you sink into your guided safe space once again, you feel a new spark of excitement with these given tasks. This worship is more than just the pump of your cock. This worship is destined to consume your life in the most beautiful of ways. you cannot contain how eager you are for this next step, do you feel your cock begging to cum? I hold all the power and this is just another strong reminder of just how deep in My trance you are. Worship and repeat after Me. Get lost in the curves of My body but just because the clip ends, does not mean your worship does. The Church of Lindsey is for life.

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