Goddess Lindsey – Another Lonely Night

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Duration: 13:18s
Quality: 1920x1080 HD

Surprise surprise, you sit home alone again this weekend. When will things be different for you? Will you ever have a fucking life? We both know the answer is a hard no. Teasing you in My date night outfit seems like the perfect touch of cruelty. Just be happy that you get to see what a real man is taking Me out in later. It hurts to not be a part of that, to just sit here and stroke all by yourself knowing that you won’t cross My mind once today. To be honest, you don’t ever really cross My mind. The only time I think about a loser like you is when you pay Me. These nights are beginning to blur together aren’t they? Each weekend plays out just the same. you turn on your computer, load up on clips and enter into your lonely goon haze just to roll out of bed Monday morning and get back to work. you work for this. you work for your lonely nights. Not to take out women on dates, but to buy clip after clip. Each one fills the void temporarily.

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